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One giant map featuring every road in America

Where we're going, we really need roads

This map, featuring every road in the United States of America, assembled by Reddit user WestCoastBestCoast94, looks like a cartographer's dream come true. It doesn't take an expert to glean information from the map, like the location of major cities — dark, tight webs — and mountains — long, thin stretches of white.

You can find more debatable takeaways within this map, too. For me, it reads like a testament to the ingenuity and strength of the American roadway, and a critique of its astounding inefficiency.

I've included five of America's finest states below, but you can find all 50 states here.

Update: Credit to commenter cass4504 for linking to Fathom's All Streets project. The maps can be purchased for $40 at the company's website.

Via: The Washington Post

Source: WestCoastBestCoast94 on Reddit


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