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Diddy is producing a series described as 'South Park set in inner-city Detroit'

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Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images

Though Archer has been a massive success for FX, the network's other animated shows (2014's Chozen, 2012's Unsupervised) never made it past even one season. Maybe Diddy can help.

Sean Combs, who in previous incarnations has been called P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, and the "Best Reason to Buy the Godzilla soundtrack," is set to produce a new animated comedy called Brightmoor for FX, according to Deadline.

Brightmoor focuses on African-American students at Brightmoor Elementary. Deadline says it's being described as "South Park set in inner-city Detroit." Chip Hall, whose past work includes King of the Hill and Blue Mountain State, and Detroit standup Comedian CP created and will write Brightmoor.

No other details are available; here's hoping Diddy gets to be an elementary school music teacher — or maybe even Dr. Jinx.