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Google makes Chrome's bleeding edge developer version available on Android

Google makes Chrome's bleeding edge developer version available on Android

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Google is letting hardcore Android users get their hands on the roughest, rawest, most advanced version of Chrome available, making the Dev channel for Chrome on Android available to download via the Play Store. This lets experienced users and developers try out the browser's newest features on Google's mobile OS before they hit the mainstream. Casual users should be warned however, this is the equivalent of riding in a supercar before the manufacturers have checked the brakes: it might look fun, but you're going to crash. Although the Dev channel is already available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and ChromeOS, this is the first time it's been released for Android as well.

the different versions of chrome give users access to new features

For the uninitiated, Google always has a couple of versions (or channels) of the Chrome browser in the works. There's the Stable version — which is the one meant for the public and that actually works — and the Beta version, which includes newer features currently being tested. After this there's the Dev version, which is a step beyond Beta and is updated once or twice a week, and then the Canary version, which is a step beyond that. The grades of difference here may be a little arcane to regular users, but releasing all these versions helps Google solicit feedback from the Chrome community before it pushes new features to the public. So, to all you test pilots out there: good luck.