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Help an old man shoot flying pandas in Namco Bandai's weird Galaga/Tekken crossover game

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A key benefit of spaceships: they operate predominantly in zero-gravity environments, so they don't have to be particularly aerodynamic. Remind yourself of that as you control a ship in the shape of a 60-year-old man wearing a karate gi in Namco Bandai's new Galaga: Tekken 20th Anniversary crossover game. The mobile game, available on Android and iOS for free right now, replaces venerable arcade classic Galaga's spaceships and enemies with characters from the fighting game series.

The old man is the surprisingly fearsome Heihachi, a mainstay for the Tekken series since its inception. He's joined — in pixelated spaceship form — by spoiled heiress Lili and the dashing Claudio Serafino, a new character for Tekken 7. In terms of crossovers, it doesn't make the most sense, but Tekken is a series that's rarely concerned itself with being logical. The games have included a wrestler with a jaguar's head, a man with an immovable two-foot haircut, a tiny farting dinosaur, and a main character seemingly born without nipples. What's a spaceship in a skirt compared to that array of weirdness?