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You can now embed classic games in your tweets

You can now embed classic games in your tweets


Street Fighter II in 140 characters

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The Internet Archive has done an amazing job of preserving classic games by making them playable in your browser; the group's efforts have covered everything from MS-DOS games to titles from the arcades. And now you don't even have to leave Twitter to play some of them.

The feature only appears to work for MS-DOS games right now, which are also embeddable on websites. But that still means you can play thousands of classic games on Twitter. That includes everything from the original Street Fighter and Metal Gear games to beloved classics like Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? and The Oregon Trail. Not every game is well suited to the platform — turns out it's hard to pull off a hadoken in a tweet — but it's an impressive feat nonetheless, considering the dedicated hardware that used to be required to play these games. Being able to actually embed these classics feels like the future, and could represent a new, incredibly seamless way of sharing games.