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This beautiful speaker does wireless three ways

Wren's V5US supports AirPlay, Bluetooth, and Play-Fi

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If you're looking at a wireless speaker to use in your home, chances are you're making a choice between Bluetooth or AirPlay. Wren's new V5US doesn't force you to make that choice: it supports AirPlay, Bluetooth, and Play-Fi, so you can connect iOS devices, Android devices, or any smartphone with Bluetooth to it to play your tunes wirelessly. It also looks pretty great.

The V5US is kind of like a combination of three earlier V5 models, which separately supported AirPlay, Bluetooth, and Play-Fi. It retains the same wave design, wooden enclosure, and great sound of the earlier models, while supporting more wireless connectivity options.

Wren's speakers have been praised for great sound and the V5US is no exception. It has large, room-filling sound that doesn't distort, tunable bass response, and reliable wireless connectivity. If you use the Play-Fi app on iOS or Android, it's possible to connect multiple V5US' models together for a multi-room system. Wren also says that the V5US will support Spotify Connect with a future software update.

The V5US isn't cheap — you can buy it direct from Wren for $499 — but it combines great sound with great looks and near universal wireless compatibility. Now if only it also supported Google Cast, it could maybe be the wireless speaker to rule them all.

Wren V5US pictures