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T-Mobile is again giving customers free MLB At Bat subscription worth $20

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T-Mobile customers are yet again benefitting from the Uncarrier's close relationship with Major League Baseball. Starting tomorrow, if you download the At Bat app while on T-Mobile's network, the company will throw a free Premium subscription your way — something that costs the rest of us $19.99. (Apparently it won't work if you try to sign up over Wi-Fi.) The terms of the deal don't spell out any restrictions around postpaid or prepaid accounts, so it appears this is open to all of T-Mobile's paying customers. According to the carrier, this season-long Premium pass allows users to:

  • Stream the MLB.TV Game of the Day (blackout restrictions apply)
  • Track every pitch
  • Watch in-game highlights
  • Access live look-ins on key plays

The fine print does specify that you must remain a T-Mobile customer to keep your subscription going through all of the 2015 baseball season. "You can access the premium content over Wi-Fi as long as you continue to use T-Mobile as your mobile network carrier," it reads. But hey, $20 is $20, and this is becoming a pretty nice annual move on T-Mobile's part.