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Watch the trailer for Tangerine, a Sundance favorite shot on an iPhone 5S

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Tangerine got a ton of attention at Sundance this year for its lively attitude and its uncommon subject matter: two trans women who do sex work in Hollywood and are trying to hunt down a cheating boyfriend. But one of the other reasons for the film's attention was how it was shot. Tangerine was filmed almost entirely on an iPhone 5S, which is a pretty impressive feat. It took a few add-ons and apps (and plenty of prior filmmaking knowledge), but the crew behind it was able to make a film that looks unique and vibrant.

A trailer for Tangerine was just released, and you can see that it doesn't quite look like anything you've pulled out of your camera roll. You may not have even noticed the atypical camera style if you weren't looking for it — the trailer's pretty funny, too. Tangerine was among our favorites of the festival, and it'll be in theaters July 10th.