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Someone is remaking Cube, a movie about killer cubes

Someone is remaking Cube, a movie about killer cubes


There's always another cube

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Imagine that you're trapped inside a cube. Now imagine that on every wall is the entrance to another cube. Now imagine that most of those cubes are trying to kill you. That's the amazing premise of the 1997 sci-fi film Cube, which Lionsgate now plans to remake under the title Cubed, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

How many cubes will our heroes face this time?

Cube technically developed a mythology as the series went on — it had a sequel and a prequel, the incredibly named Cube 2: Hypercube and Cube Zero — but the charm of the original was that it was literally just a bunch of people trapped in a seemingly endless series of weird boxes / puzzles that they had to work together to escape. It sounds as though the remake will be adding a bit more to the premise, for better or worse. Cubed is supposed to maintain the sci-fi thriller setup, but it'll also be about AI and "the birth of a new 'digital' race," which sounds like something only a movie logline writer could come up with.

There aren't a lot of recognizable names on board the remake, though Roy Lee, who was a producer on The Lego Movie, and Jon Spaihts, who was a writer on Prometheus, will serve as producers. It's being directed by Saman Kesh, who broke out with a short action film on Vimeo (embedded below). Cubed kind of feels like it's off to a bad start already with such a mundane name compared to the last two in the Cube franchise, but who can complain? There's going to be more cubes.