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It looks like Star Wars is coming to Disney Infinity

It looks like Star Wars is coming to Disney Infinity

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In news that should surprise no one, it appears that Star Wars characters will soon be a part of the toys-to-life series Disney Infinity. Disney hasn't made the long-anticipated news official just yet, but a retailer has leaked what looks to be the starter set for the new game.

Just like Skylanders, Disney Infinity is a game that lets you scan real toys into a video game. The first version mashed together characters from Disney movies, while version 2.0 added Marvel characters. Star Wars has long been expected to be the latest addition, and designer Jeff Bunker even hinted at it, telling The Verge that "I think we have a style that accommodates anything that comes our way." The 3.0 set leaked by retailer Saturn shows a set that includes toys based on both Anakin Skywalker and Clone Wars star Ahsoka Tano for €69.99. It's not clear when the game will launch, or on what platforms, but with a new slate of movies on the way, now is a good time. Another Star Wars game, a reboot of the Battlefront series, will be launching in November.

The toys-to-life category of games has attracted a number of big names, and with good reason: Skylanders has become a $3 billion franchise since its debut. In addition to Disney, both Lego and Nintendo have attempted to replicate that success with their own lines of plastic video game toys.