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62 of our favorite characters reimagined as Easter eggs

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Easter is right around the corner, and, yep, that means it's time to crack out the white vinegar and start boiling some eggs. While you take cover from the noxious odor produced by that combination, we thought we'd give you some Easter egg inspiration.

Artist Barak Hardley has once again taken a deep dive into pop culture to come up with an assortment of familiar egg-shaped faces and creatures. There are 62 painted eggs in all — if you count both of Kim Kardashian's butt cheeks separately — and the standouts include the Guardians of the Galaxy set, a distinctive rendering of Hellboy, and a well-done Banksy imitation. Unfortunately, Hardley doesn't offer any tips, so your Easter eggs will probably still come out like a bad tie-dye dream.

BARAK HARDLEY easter eggs
BARAK HARDLEY easter eggs

BARAK HARDLEY pop culture easter eggs

BARAK HARDLEY easter eggs