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Watch the new Beyoncé video shot by Jay-Z

Watch the new Beyoncé video shot by Jay-Z


'Die With You' is exclusive to Tidal, if you ignore the rest of the internet

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Beyoncé and Jay Z have been married for seven years now. To celebrate their anniversary, Bey wrote a song for Jay, Jay shot a video of her singing it, and they hosted it all exclusively — where else? — on his Jay's new streaming service Tidal. The song is called "Die With You." It's a sweet, piano-laced ballad that has Beyoncé reasserting her love for her husband in simple ways: "I wake up just to sleep with you / I open my eyes so I can see it's you / And I live so I can die with you." It's very much an intimate home video, so naturally the whole world is interested.

Lest we forget that nothing is really exclusive on the internet, someone has already ripped the video and uploaded it to YouTube (and the song to SoundCloud), which you can watch above until someone inevitably makes the user take it down.