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The next Apple TV reportedly won't have 4K video

The next Apple TV reportedly won't have 4K video

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The 4K television market is a mess, and according to a report from BuzzFeed News, Apple won't be helping it get any better this year. BuzzFeed reports that Apple won't be bringing 4K streaming to the next generation of Apple TV, which so far is par for the course; the company just hasn't said anything about when 4K content might come to iTunes or the Apple TV. "4K is great, but it's still in its infancy," a source knowledgeable of Apple's plans told BuzzFeed.

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Apple isn't alone in demurring at 4K, but it's not great news for people who are striking out in a ripe 4K TV market this year with the expectation that the content is coming. Of course, the company is plenty busy in the television market, and 4K probably just isn't a huge priority — Apple led the charge to bring the standalone HBO streaming service through the Apple TV, and its long-rumored internet television service could be announced by June. It's also likely Apple just doesn't want to deal with all that 4K data; earlier this week Recode reported that Apple is trying to convince TV networks to provide their own streams for the company's streaming television service.