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You can order Domino's Pizza from your Samsung Smart TV

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But should you?

We live in an age of convenience, but it's highly possible no company takes that more seriously than Domino's. In addition to being able to order a pizza via voice commands, on your Android Wear or Pebble smartwatch, and even through Ford SYNC, you can now use your TV to get a pie delivered directly to you. Domino's will now let you order a pizza from your Samsung Smart TV, a true revelation in the pizza-ordering ecosystem. The newest member of Domino's AnyWare suite of apps is available on all 2013 and newer Samsung Smart TVs.

And why stop at TVs? Maybe we should be able to order pizza directly from our refrigerators. Who wants to get off the couch to get a drink and not be able to get a piping hot pizza delivered to them for those few seconds without a gadget in their hands? I don't. We deserve better than that.