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Watch the trailer for Other Space, the new show from Freaks and Geeks creator Paul Feig

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Yahoo kicked off its original programming with Community, and it's grabbed another big name to keep its TV ambitions moving forward: Paul Feig, whose new TV series Other Space is coming to Yahoo Screen on April 14th. The series is the first to be created by Feig since Freaks and Geeks, though he's clearly kept busy recently with films like Bridesmaids, The Heat, Spy, and soon the new Ghostbusters.

Other Space is a comedy that takes place 90 years in the future on a spaceship run by an inexperienced crew. A first trailer for it was just put out today, and it looks... maybe not so funny? This is the biggest name Yahoo has outside of Community — and its first solid chance at a successful original show — so there's certainly a bit riding on Other Space's success.