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Apple employees will get a 50 percent discount on the Apple Watch

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Over 1,000 Apple Watch apps were submitted to the App Store last week

Apple employees are getting a substantial discount on the new Apple Watch according to a memo sent around the company and obtained by 9to5Mac. After noting that over 1,000 Watch apps were submitted to the App Store just last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote that every employee will be able to purchase the stainless steel Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport with a 50 percent discount beginning on April 10th. Unsurprisingly, the Apple Watch Edition — which begins at $10,000 — is not up for a discount. While Apple didn't give its employees a discount when it released the iPad, it did offer a price cut for most of its workers when it released the iPhone in 2007. Apple employees will be able to utilize their discount for 90 days after the Apple Watch becomes available on April 24th.

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