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Imgur photos will now credit their authors when you share them

Imgur photos will now credit their authors when you share them

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You may start seeing Imgur's logo pop up in more places across the web. The image-sharing site is launching a new tool for embedding images today that'll allow anyone to take an image, its caption, and information about who posted it and how many comments are on it, and place that on another website. Imgur has allowed images to be embedded elsewhere before today, but this update means that a lot more information will now come along with them.

Reddit started allowing embeds last month

Imgur pitches its rich embeds as a good way to handle copyright issues and attributions (that's assuming the person who posted an image actually owns it), but the reality is that this is just a good way to get Imgur's name out there. That's not a bad thing: Twitter, Facebook, and most recently Reddit, have all realized this, and these rich embeds actually turn out to be pretty important. Conversations are happening on all of these platforms, and rich embedding features make it a lot easier for them to spread.

Hey Imgur want to see some magic? (OC)

Any image on Imgur's public gallery will be able to use these new embeds from today forward, as will posts that have multiple pictures and comments in a row. While including details from Imgur is the real appeal of these embed units, Imgur will also provide a trimmer unit that strips out most of the details.