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Finally, a band website you can watch Frasier on

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Come for the new album, stay for the crackling witticisms

Full disclosure: the Brooklyn band Tanlines are what one might refer to as "homies"; they have been guests on my late podcast (click here for 67 minutes of in depth Sex and the City discussion) and are all around nice guys. They also are apparently marketing geniuses. Today Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm have unveiled the new website for their upcoming sophomore album Highlights, and I hope you and I have a close enough relationship where you would trust me not just to plug some band website without making it worth your while.

plugs right into your brain's warm fuzzy Gilmore-Girls-bingeing place

Taking inspiration from the comfortably familiar Netflix Instant home page, Tanlines' new internet home plugs right into your brain's warm fuzzy lets-binge-watch-the-entire-second-season-of-Gilmore-Girls place, allowing you to browse through some of their new and old tracks (each with its own cinematic cover art) and yes, pre-order Highlights on iTunes. But keep scrolling down and the dudes have been kind enough also to include some thoughtfully curated "Because You Watched" recommendations for your personal Netflix queue, including films made in their native Pittsburgh (Groundhog Day, Adventureland, Jack Reacher), "Great Second Acts" (Pulp Fiction, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Frasier), and of course "Movies and TV That You Might Not Have Realized Are About Jews" (Dirty Dancing, Clueless, The Rugrats Go Wild).

All this to say, any time someone provides a link to Frasier on Netflix Instant in any context, you know they really care about you. (And they probably also would like you to know that their new album comes out May 19th on True Panther.)