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Two of the best Nintendo 3DS games are getting mobile-exclusive sequels

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Professor Layton's next adventure will be on Japanese smartphones

At its Vision 2015 event, Japanese game developer Level-5 announced the much-anticipated sequels to two of its most popular series, Fantasy Life and Professor Layton. But they aren't quite the follow-ups many were anticipating: the new games will be making the jump from the Nintendo 3DS to mobile devices.

Fantasy Life 2

Fantasy Life 2

Layton 7 looks to be a big departure for the series, which follows the puzzle-solving exploits of the titular professor. The mobile game looks to change things drastically, swapping the series' beloved puzzle book-like structure and charming animated cut-scenes for what appears to be a card game with fortune telling elements. Fantasy Life 2, meanwhile, looks similar to the original role-playing game, but with an added emphasis on city building, a common mechanic in mobile games. Both titles are expected to release this summer in Japan for Android and iOS devices. There's no word on if or when the games might make their way outside of Japan.

While the news may be disappointing for fans, it's not exactly surprising. Japanese gaming in particular has been shifting its focus to mobile for years now, and even long time holdout Nintendo has partnered with mobile gaming firm DeNA to bring its characters to smartphones. Similarly, Level-5 released a Professor Layton spin-off on iOS in 2013, though it maintained the series' mystery-solving premise. The company's newly announced slate of upcoming games is pretty evenly split between the Nintendo 3DS and iOS/Android.

The new Fantasy Life and Layton games are just one of the major announcements made by Level-5 today. The developer also revealed that its massively popular Pokemon-style series Yo-kai Watch will be getting a Western release, published by Nintendo.

E3 Trailer: Fantasy Life