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Monkeys discover drones in Space Odyssey-style teaser for 3D Robotics' newest quadcopter

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Our first glimpse at the company's upcoming aircraft

It's a good time to be a drone fan. Last week DJI released a YouTube video teasing a worldwide event. That's set to take place tomorrow in New York, London, and Munich. Today the company's main competitor, 3D Robotics, teased its own major announcement for Monday of next week. We also got the first glimpse of a new drone from 3D Robotics, along with some monkeys, jawbones, and a floating astronaut, in a video nodding to the famous scene from Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.

We don't know for sure yet exactly what either company will show, but it's a good bet that we're about to see two of the biggest names in the consumer drone market square off with brand new products. Also, strangely, they both seem to have chosen evolution as the theme for their new marketing campaign. Drones: so easy a monkey could fly one.