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Joss Whedon says there won't be a post-credit scene after Age of Ultron

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So much for the shawarma. Despite it becoming a tradition in Marvel Studios' films, Joss Whedon now tells Entertainment Weekly that there won't be a post-credit scene after the credits roll in Avengers: Age of Ultron. "There is nothing at the very end," he said. "And that’s not a fake-out. We want people to know so they don’t sit there for 10 minutes and then go: ‘Son of a bitch! I’ll kill them!’"

Kevin Feige clarified that there will be a mid-credit scene, however, meaning there may be new developments to tease. "There will be a short, epilogue-like scene that pops up shortly after the credits start," he said. Fans will remember that in the last Avengers film, Thanos made his first appearance during the credits. Feige hinted that there will be a minor character reveal (Spider-Man anyone?) but, sadly, recent rumors that it would be Captain Marvel were squashed. We'll all just have to wait until May 1st to find out what's in store.