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State Department hackers saw President Obama's private schedule

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For months, the State Department has been dealing with a serious security problem. In October, hackers broke through to the department's unclassified email system, and despite continued efforts, no one is certain they've been effectively flushed out. Today, a new report from CNN says the breach gave the attackers access to the president's private schedule, an unclassified document that nonetheless raises serious security concerns and highlights the damage done by even unclassified breaches. It also suggests the access may reach beyond the email system, as initially reported.

No official attribution has been made, but anonymous officials have repeatedly suggested Russian hackers were behind the attack, possibly working at the behest of the Russian government. The attack would have compromised a number of unclassified emails concerning military actions in Ukraine, which many have speculated was the initial motivation behind the attack. The FBI and Secret Service are investigating the breach alongside various intelligence agencies, although it appears they were only involved after the department became aware of the breach.