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Tron 3 will feature Tron: Legacy's stars as well as its director

Tron 3 will feature Tron: Legacy's stars as well as its director

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The stars of Tron: Legacy, Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund, are clambering back aboard their light cycles for another Tron sequel. The Hollywood Reporter says both actors will star in Tron 3, due to begin filming later this year, with Joseph Kosinski returning to direct. Hedlund and Wilde starred alongside Jeff Bridges in 2010's Legacy, who was reprising his role as developer Kevin Flynn from 1982's sci-fi classic Tron. Hedlund played his son, Sam, sucked into cyberspace after his father.

It's not yet clear whether Bridges will return for the third movie, but the film's existence was first rumored last year when his original Tron co-star, Bruce Boxleitner, said a second sequel was in the works. Last month it was suggested the deal had yet to be greenlit, but the attachment of both Hedlund and Wilde to the project suggests Disney is going ahead with production. While the last Tron was less of a success than its cult forebear, we can at least hope for another well-received soundtrack — perhaps with musical pioneer Giorgio Moroder in charge of the beats.

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