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The Apple Watch is 'not for everyone,' says almost everyone

The Apple Watch is 'not for everyone,' says almost everyone


The critics agree on one thing

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This morning, some of the smartest writers covering the tech industry published thoughtful and well-considered reviews of the Apple Watch. I've linked them in this post and believe all of them are worth a look. There appears to be one consistent opinion in nearly every major review: the Apple Watch is not for everyone.


"Of the half-dozen smartwatches I've tested in recent years, I've had the best experience with Apple Watch. If you're an iPhone power user and you're intrigued by the promises of wearable technology, you'll like it, too. But that doesn't mean Apple Watch is for everyone."

The New York Times:

"Still, even if it’s not yet for everyone, Apple is on to something with the device."

The Wall Street Journal:

"This is a big idea about how we use technology, the kind of idea we expect from Apple. Which isn’t to say that this first Apple Watch will appeal to all iPhone owners, or even a significant fraction of them."


"I'm not even going to engage the Edition in this discussion: that gold watch is not for you […] You don't need an Apple Watch. In many ways, it's a toy: an amazing little do-it-all, a clever invention, a possibly time-saving companion, a wrist-worn assistant. It's also mostly a phone accessory for now."


"The Apple Watch is cool, it’s beautiful, it’s powerful, and it’s easy to use. But it’s not essential. Not yet."


"You don’t need one. Nobody needs a smartwatch."

The Verge:

"If you’re going to buy an Apple Watch, I’d recommend buying a Sport model; I wouldn’t spend money on how it looks until Apple completes the task of figuring out what it does."