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Mophie's new Space Pack lineup adds 128GB storage to iPhones and iPads

Mophie's new Space Pack lineup adds 128GB storage to iPhones and iPads

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If you bought the latest iOS device but still find yourself running out of power and space, Mophie might have the answer. The accessory maker has unveiled the latest additions to its Space Pack range today, offering battery and power-extending cases for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPad mini. The revamped lineup offers up to 128GB of additional storage, with the iPhone 6 and iPad mini cases doubling the smartphones' battery life. The iPhone 6 Plus option, however, only adds an additional 50 percent juice.

up to 128GB extra storage and 100 percent extra battery

Mophie first unveiled its Space Pack range for the iPhone 5 and 5S last year, and the new cases offer the same package. The bulky cases fit around your smartphone, slotting into its Lightning port and providing a micro-USB slot on the bottom edge for power and storage. The mute, volume, and power switches remain accessible through overlaid buttons, and the case itself also provides extra protection against bumps and scrapes. When turned on, the Space Pack feeds the smartphone power until it runs out and the phone's internal battery takes over.

However, while Mophie's battery-only Juice Pack range has been well received, reviews of the Space Pack have been a little more mixed. Last year, The Guardian pointed out that while Mophie's extra storage was good in theory, in practice, managing files is not a smooth process — mostly due to Apple's restrictions on how third parties can access iOS storage. So, for example, you can use Mophie's app to browse music on both your iPhone and your Space Pack, but you can't use Apple's Music app to access music on your Space Pack.

Mophie's extra storage is good in theory, but tricky to navigate in practice

Mophie is updating its Space app to make this sort of file management easier (including a new feature that lets users access items using Macs and PCs on the same Wi-Fi network as the phone). However, those with content locked inside apps like Spotify and VSCO Cam won't be able to make much use of the extra local storage.

the spacestation offers extra battery and storage in a static unit

There are other options though. In addition to cases for the iPhone and iPad mini, Mophie has also released a new Spacestation — a static unit smaller than a smartphone that provides up to 128GB of external storage and a battery boost (100 percent extra for the iPad mini and 200 to 300 percent extra for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus). Users can plug in their mobile devices to charge, and use Mophie's Windows, OS X, or Chrome OS apps to drop and drag files from the Spacestation to the device. For people who don't want a bulky case but would like some extra power waiting for them at the office, the Spacestation might be a good compromise.

Mophie Power Pack for iPad mini


The Spacestation and iOS Space Pack cases all go on sale today. Prices for the iPhone cases and Spacestations start at $149.95 for 32GB of storage, going up to $299.95 for 128GB of storage. Pricing for the Space Pack for iPad Mini starts at $199.95 for 32GB of storage, going up to $399.95 for 128GB.