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Microsoft acquires Surface Pen technology from N-trig

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Microsoft reportedly paid $30 million for N-trig's technology

Microsoft has confirmed it has acquired the technology of N-trig, the company behind the Surface Pen. Israeli publication Calcalist reported earlier this year that Microsoft had purchased the company for more than $200 million, but The Wall Street Journal says Microsoft only paid $30 million. Microsoft hasn't confirmed either number. N-trig's employees will move into Microsoft's office in Israel, according to the report from Calcalist.

Microsoft's belief in the digital pen has seemingly worked out for them, with Surface boss Panos Panay telling The Wall Street Journal that the company has seen a "massive increase in usage" with the stylus on the Surface Pro 3, and noted that Microsoft will continue to invest in the technology. With the digital ink capabilities of Microsoft Edge, it's not surprising Microsoft decided to bring the company behind the Surface Pen in-house.