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You don’t even have your Apple Watch yet, but these cats do

You don’t even have your Apple Watch yet, but these cats do

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Many people who stayed up into the wee hours of the night last month to try and buy an Apple Watch found themselves looking at late May and June delivery dates. Of course Apple has been delivering some watches sooner than that, but the fact remains that you still can't just walk into an Apple store and buy one yet. That detail may make it hard to swallow the idea that cats are now wearing Apple Watches as collars. It seems to be a jokey thing, but maybe it's not.

Classic buckle for a classic kitty #catswearingapplewatch

A photo posted by Alex Kunzelmann (@alexkunzelmann) on

Found the best use for the Apple Watch!

A photo posted by Jessie Char (@jessie) on

My Apple Watch is finally here. Now I'll be able to track my fitness progress. -Salvatore #applewatch

A photo posted by Salvatore The Cat (@salvatore_the_cat) on

Some cats even appear to believe they are human:

Because fashion #applewatch #cats #tabby #catsofinstagram #apple #watch #fashion #majorbelly

A photo posted by Quincy (@major_belly) on

One minor detail though: there seems to be a very real danger in jealousy from other cats who don't have an Apple Watch. So be careful if you plan on getting one for your pet:

And dogs just can't seem to pull it off:

Hmmmm.... #applewatch. Am I supposed to watch it or is it supposed to watch me?

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