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It's all about online gaming in this new teaser for Halt and Catch Fire

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Last year AMC unleashed the first season of Halt and Catch Fire, a fascinating character study that took place against the backdrop of the 1980s PC revolution (yes, I was a fan). Given the tumultuous ending co-creators Christopher Cantwell and Christopher Rogers crafted last time around, the show could have gone anywhere — and for the second season it's headed straight to 1985. While in the first season the focus was primarily on the Jobs-and-Woz style partnership between Lee Pace and Scoot McNairy's characters, this time it appears to be squarely on the show's female leads: Mackenzie Davis as the punk rock programmer Cameron, and Kerry Bishé as engineering guru Donna.

Pairing Cameron's chaotic genius with Donna's pragmatic problem solving is a clever way to invert the show's initial premise, while also highlighting two of the best characters of the show. Even better? According to the below clip, Ranger Soda will also be making its return. The new season of Halt and Catch Fire debuts on May 31st on AMC.