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You can now pre-register for apps in Google Play

You can now pre-register for apps in Google Play

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Next time you read about a great new Android app, you might be able to easily set up an alert so that you don't miss it when it hits Google Play. There's now an option to "pre-register" for apps and games on Google Play before they come out, and your device will get pinged with a notification when they're finally available to download or buy.

terminator genysis revolution pre-register google play

For now, it appears a game based on the upcoming Terminator Genisys movie is the first app to be graced with the pre-register option, though the choice is up to developers whether or not to post their apps to the store early with a pre-register button. The feature should help developers gauge interest and maximize pre-release hype. If you do pre-register for an app, you're not committed to buying, and can deregister at any time.