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Empire and Ryan Murphy's new horror series lead Fox's upcoming season

Empire and Ryan Murphy's new horror series lead Fox's upcoming season

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Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Fox just announced its 2015-2016 slate, and it's already clear the network is betting on big names and sure wins. With Glee now officially over, Ryan Murphy — presumably because he needed yet another show — is returning with Scream Queens, a comedy-horror show starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Glee alum Lea Michele. This season will be first in an ongoing anthology series in the same vein as American Horror Story, and will focus on a sorority house murder mystery.

Meanwhile, ratings behemoth Empire will return to anchor the fall schedule on Wednesdays, with an 18-episode order that's being split into two 9-episode half seasons. Gotham's second season will also lead into the new Minority Report series on Monday nights. And next year, though the world will surely grieve the end of American Idol, the new X-Files series is due to premiere on January 24th.

Here's every new show set to premiere on Fox in the next year (with annotated hotness):

  • Scream Queens, Ryan Murphy's latest horror show that will probably stop making sense halfway through the season.
  • Grandfathered, starring John Stamos as TV's hottest grandpa.
  • Rosewood, starring Morris Chestnut as Miami's hottest private pathologist.
  • Minority Report, featuring the hottest cops in the year 2065 solving crimes before they happen.
  • The Grinder, in which Rob Lowe plays a fake lawyer who decides to become a real lawyer, probably because he's hot. Fred Savage is there, too.
  • The X-Files, in which we all wonder if they'll try to make the mythology matter again.
  • The Guide to Surviving Life, starring that guy from Kingsman: The Secret Service as a hot screwup living with other hot screwups, trying to figure out how to stop screwing up.
  • Bordertown, because Fox can't stop giving Seth MacFarlane shows.
  • The Frankenstein Code, in which an old man is murdered, but is resurrected as a hot young man — with superpowers!
  • Lucifer, based on the DC comic, starring the devil himself, bored of hell and now living in LA. Hot people abound.