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Google Play launches Mad Men retrospective ahead of series finale

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Plenty of bonus content from AMC's hit series inside

With Mad Men now less than a week away from its final episode, Google today launched a major digital retrospective on AMC's hit series. "The Mad Men Experience" lets you follow the show's eight-year run starting with a free stream of Mad Men's first episode. Considering it's also on Netflix, we'll let you decide how noteworthy that is. But the other bonus content here is pretty decent; Variety says over 300 pieces of content have been "released for the first time in a digital environment."

Mad Men

These are basically the standard throw-ins you'd find on a Blu-ray like sketched artwork, on-set photographs, in-browser commentary (which streams via YouTube clips), and other stuff. Some of it may not be completely new to the show's biggest fans, but casual viewers will likely find the extras interesting. The many high-res photos seen throughout are probably the best part.

Betty Accident Google

The Mad Men Experience website itself takes some time to load and navigating around can be awkward. Also remember that Google's ultimate goal here is selling you things, so you'll find plenty of links to purchase Mad Men episodes, complete seasons, featured books, and the music that has served as the show's soundtrack. This marks the first time Google has gone to these lengths to feature a TV show, and the site's URL ( suggests that other "With Google" projects could be in the works.

If you're somehow totally unfamiliar with Don Draper, AMC is planning to air the entire series in a massive marathon starting Wednesday at 6PM ET. It all leads up to the Mad Men finale on Sunday at 10PM ET. And once Mad Men is gone, so goes with it a major staple of AMC's original lineup.

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