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Röyksopp's new video features a breakup that's literally the end of the world

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It's for the song 'I Had This Thing'

Norwegian duo Röyksopp's video for the song "I Had This Thing" asks a tough question, namely, do you want to be alone when the world ends? And the answer is no. Heck no. Do whatever it takes, make bad decisions, get back together with people you hate, if only you don't have to be alone.

The video, directed by Robert Schober, tells the story of a modern-day tragi-romance. At first it seems realistic: a happy couple's relationship suddenly turns sour, they break-up, and then spend a lot of time anxiously texting back and forth while screaming into pillows. Röyksopp's moody lounge music streams in the background.

Unfortunately, the story doesn't end there. A giant firework-like alien creature turns out to be evil, and the world around the couple starts literally exploding. Guess who doesn't want to be alone when the world is exploding?