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Watch the first trailer for the Minority Report TV show

Watch the first trailer for the Minority Report TV show


Spielberg's classic sci-fi film becomes a crime drama

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Steven Spielberg's Minority Report is being turned into a TV series, and Fox has just released its first trailer. Like the movie, Fox's show is about using people known as "precogs," who can more or less see the future, to help stop crimes before they're committed. However, the series is more of a sequel than a new take on the same material: it takes place many years after the film, when the law enforcement unit using precogs has been dismantled. It focuses on a remaining precog, still receiving flashes from the future, who pairs up with a detective to secretly prevent the crimes he predicts.

The setup and look of the show suggests that Fox's Minority Report will be a crime-of-the-week show with an overarching narrative, which would make it a more casual viewing experience. Nonetheless, there's still plenty of sci-fi mixed in, and the series is supposed to blend in some broader mysteries around the old Precrime program. The show begins on Fox this fall.