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Victory built an electric race motorcycle for the insane Isle of Man TT

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If you're familiar with Victory, bike racing, and the Isle of Man TT, putting all of those words in a single sentence is a little difficult to process: Polaris' motorcycle operation is best known for its cruisers and touring bikes with big V-twins designed to go head to head with Harley-Davidson. In reality, a race bike — much less an electric one — is the furthest thing imaginable from Victory's core DNA.

Yet, here we are. Victory will be taking a custom-built electric racer to the Isle of Man next month for one of the wildest, most insane, and most deadly road races on the planet, the 37.7-mile course of the Tourist Trophy. To better understand the sheer madness of the event, take a look at this record-breaking Superbike lap, which is so fast and so close to hitting everything in sight that it's almost hard to watch:

Victory's bike — helmed by accomplished TT racers William Dunlop and Lee Johnston — will participate in the event's electric class race on June 10th. There's no sign that this motorcycle is going to find its way anywhere near the company's production lineup, but with Harley making a serious play at electrics, it's hard to imagine that Victory isn't going to do the same.