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Nestle and Google rebrand KitKat to YouTube Break in the UK because everything is terrible

Nestle and Google rebrand KitKat to YouTube Break in the UK because everything is terrible

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Remember when Google launched Android 4.4 KitKat back in the halcyon days of 2013 and partnered with Nestlé to release specially branded packages of KitKat candy bars? The two companies are at it again, with a new partnership to rebrand the standard KitKat bar to "YouTube Break" for a run of 600,000 candy bars in the UK.

According to the press release announcing this major, very important thing, the rebranding is to commemorate the 10th anniversary of YouTube and the 80th anniversary of the KitKat candy bar. This is apparently the first major package redesign for KitKat in eight decades. It's also the first of "72 different types of ‘breaks’ to feature on more than 400 limited edition designs across 2 and 4 finger and Chunky bars as part of the campaign." I don't know what that means any more than you do, but apparently there will be 100 million specially branded packages produced over the course of this campaign.

YouTube is 10 years old so it's getting a candy bar

"The campaign is based on the consumer insight that KITKAT® consumers are also YouTube fans, and that the video platform is uniquely placed to provide real time insights into the world’s most watched videos," claims the press release. The campaign's official hashtag, #mybreak, has been printed on 22 million bars.

For the Google side of things, saying "YouTube my break" to your phone will bring up the top four trending videos of the day, preceded by an obligatory ad for KitKat. It appears that the special packaging promotion is limited to the UK, though people that wish to watch a KitKat ad and the top four YouTube videos should be able to do that from anywhere in the world. Speaking of KitKat ads, you can watch the official announcement video for this promotion below.