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Comparing the number of shots in Mad Max: Fury Road with The Road Warrior

Comparing the number of shots in Mad Max: Fury Road with The Road Warrior


In the time it takes to read this article, Mad Max: Fury Road will have had 22.5 cuts

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Correction: Perhaps Miller misspoke. As pointed out by a number of helpful people on Twitter, The Road Warrior has far more than 120 shots. According to Cinemetrics, the film — not including the opening montage — has 1403 shots. At 90-minutes, the film has roughly 15.333 shots a minute. The original post, going off of Miller's quote, remains below.

Mad Max: Fury Road, the latest in the post-apocalyptic movie franchise, is markedly more frenetic than the most popular entry in the series, The Road Warrior. According to an interview at Uproxx with George Miller, the man who directed both films, The Road Warrior had 120 cuts in its 90-minute run-time, while Fury Road has 2,700 cuts over two hours. That's 1.333 cuts per minute versus a staggering 22.5 cuts per minute.

As Miller notes, movies are faster today than they were when The Road Warrior was released. "We are speed-reading movies now," says Miller.

Uproxx's Mike Ryan lands some of my favorite interviews with celebrities. He inspires talented people to speak about the smaller details in their works, the things that you might not notice. You should give the full interview with Miller a read.

The director explains where Mad Max: Fury Road fits into the chronology of the series, making a comparison to James Bond. Maybe we won't have to wait decades for the next Mad Max film.