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The Muppets are back in the first trailer for their new ABC show

The Muppets are back in the first trailer for their new ABC show

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This is the time of year when TV networks announce their schedules and audiences get first looks at new shows, and today we're getting a glimpse at The Muppets. As reported before, the show is a single-camera comedy told in the style of The Office, with the various characters being followed around and then giving interviews directly into the camera as cutaways. The show is going to be about the creatures making a new network show, and that meta-commentary is there right from the opening frames, with Kermit addressing the entire cast giving them the news about the series pickup. The show will be airing on Tuesday nights at 8PM.

Also as promised, we get a glimpse of personal lives of the creatures — Fozzie is dating! — and we learn that even beloved frogs are guilty of trotting out well-worn Los Angeles traffic jokes. Still, it's a high-energy look at the new show, and while it's very different from the variety program that first made the Muppets famous, it's wonderful to see Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, the Swedish Chef, and the rest of the gang back in action.

Oh, and did I mention Animal? Animal!

Update, 3:24PM: Updated with new trailer embed. The original YouTube clip from ABC had voices that were pitched abnormally high. You can also watch the clip here.