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Samsung Galaxy S6 Active spotted in leaked photo

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The Galaxy S6 isn't waterproof, but this probably is

The Galaxy S6 is Samsung's best-designed phone in years, but that may have come at a price — unlike its predecessor, the Galaxy S5, the S6 isn't waterproof. That means there might be more need for a new entry in Samsung's rugged Active line than there was last year, and it looks like the company will oblige with a version of the S6 designed to fight the elements.

galaxy s6 active (gsmarena)

A photo received by GSMArena and corroborated by Phandroid shows a bulked-up phone with "Galaxy S6 Active" on the rear. It's said to have a 3,500mAh battery inside, while other internals are likely to be similar to the regular S6. There aren't many other details available, but in previous years AT&T has brought these models to the US, so we'll have to wait and see if that holds true.