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Now you can use emoji to order pizza

Now you can use emoji to order pizza

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Picture the scene — you're at home, and hungry. Oh so hungry. You want pizza, but don't want to have to speak to another human being in order to get to it. You could order online, using Google's updated delivery search results to specify a pizza to be delivered through one of a number of takeout services, but typing full words? What is this, the 1800s? Then you remember — ah! — as of May 20th, Domino's is allowing customers to order pizza simply by tweeting a pizza slice emoji!

With a great sigh you heave yourself over to the other side of the couch and grab your phone. One mighty effort, expending the last of your energy, and you've sent the tweet to the @Dominos account. It appears small on the screen — one slice of pizza, slathered in cheese, dotted with spicy pepperoni. You can almost taste it. Of course, you could use the Push for Pizza app to order with one click, but that only allows a paltry selection of toppings. You want your special pizza. In an energetic moment a few days ago, you specified it as your "Easy Order" on your Domino's Pizza Profile, tying it to your Twitter account so the Domino's social media presence always knows what you want. It'll be here soon.

Twenty minutes later, there's a knock at the door. Smiling, you scroll through your phone's keyboard for the door emoji. You can't find it. There is no door emoji, no Twitter account to send it to in order to get someone to open your door, no startup to solve this particular problem. Not yet. From your couch, you howl.