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Listen to every single one of Michael Jackson's grunts, squeals, and yelps

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Michael Jackson sure liked grunting. The king of pop peppered his songs with hundreds of moans, groans, squeals, and yelps. During his songs, the sounds make sense — they act like percussion, putting end-points on dance moves and choruses. Outside of the songs, isolated from the backing music, well... listen for yourself.

YouTube user michaelm2391 has collated every single one of Jackson's grunts into a video. The result is a disconcerting four minutes of breathy noise, punctuated by irregular blasts of laughter, beatboxing, and frightened shrieking. For a few of the samples you can hear the cadence of the songs they're cribbed from, but for the most part, the video sounds like someone really enjoying the process of being beaten up.