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This synesthetic website turns words into drum beats

This synesthetic website turns words into drum beats

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I mean, the headline says it all really. This is a website you go to and type something in and then that something gets turned into a drum beat. You can literally stick any words you like into it — famous words, rude words, long words, made-up words, you get the idea. The whole project is the creation of developer Kyle Stetz and follows in a long line of musical-keyboard-procrastination tools. (See also Daft Punk keyboard and Patatap.) You'd be mad not to at least type your name in.

Longer sentences turn into weird, meandering breakbeats

Unfortunately, most longish sentences end up getting turned into weird, triphop-style breakdowns that meander and go nowhere, but if you use short words that repeat letters (e.g. "lollipop") you can make some nice, simple sounds. Or of course you get so distracted that you end up pressing each letter in turn to work how the drum is mapped and then start trying to transcribe particular rhythms like the amen break beat and get frustrated that you can't play with the tempo or layer in different tracks. But obviously only a total idiot would waste their time with something like that. (Yes I know it doesn't sound right but you get the idea.)