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An unreleased horror movie starring Adam West and Cory Feldman is finally on YouTube

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The early 2000s were a weird time for everyone. Frosted tips and denim ruled pop culture, and the World Wide Web was still young. Corey Feldman was still mid-fame spiral, but Adam West was enjoying a career resurgence in voice acting thanks to Family Guy. Somewhere in California, a man named Rick Vasquez managed to get both men to star in his budget horror movie titled Seance (a.k.a Killer in the Dark), all on a $1 million budget. The rest is history.

Or rather history you've never heard of, since the movie never saw theatrical release. Seance is about a group of six friends hold a seance for some untold reason, leading to horrible things happening. The movie was stuck in "development hell" for 14 years, but Reddit user neckbeard_le_pirate hints that it never saw the light of day because it's terrible. While we wouldn't say it's The Room terrible, it's pretty bad! Still, Vasquez was eventually convinced to release the movie in 10 parts on YouTube. Here we have a piece of cinema history finally making its debut online. Enjoy.