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T-Mobile puts the Nexus 6 on sale for $550

T-Mobile puts the Nexus 6 on sale for $550


The 64GB model drops to $599

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The Uncarrier is now your cheapest option for buying Google's Nexus 6. T-Mobile has temporarily dropped the price of the Android flagship to $550, down from its regular price of $649. The discount is for the 32GB midnight blue model; T-Mobile doesn't sell the Nexus 6 in white, but you can pick up the 64GB model for a reduced price of $599. That's also $100 off its everyday cost.

Whether you'll be able to leave a T-Mobile shop paying only those rates (plus tax) is a bit less certain. Most reports we've read show that T-Mobile will at the very least make you sign up for one month of prepaid service before letting you walk out the door. But even if that's the case, this isn't a terrible option if you want to be among the first to participate in Project Fi or try out the latest Android features Google unveils at I/O later this month. Customers who prefer monthly installments can pay for the Nexus 6 over two years at $22.91 per month. (That rises to $24.99 per month if you opt for the 64GB model.) So far, the Google Store and other Nexus 6 resellers like Amazon haven't yet adjusted their pricing to match T-Mobile's offer.