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Adam Sandler performs with acoustic guitar, proves he can still be hilarious and sweet

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Remember never to mess with the Zohan

While the past few years have been a financial boon for Adam Sandler, the actor and producer's creative output has been a shadow of the films, sketches, and albums he created in the 1990s. Every so often Sandler appears on a current talk show or web video and reminds the world he's more than the star of Blended and Little Nicky. One such moment happened last night on Late Night with David Letterman.

A number of celebrities and musicians have been bidding special farewells to Letterman during his final days hosting the late night talk show. Sandler took the opportunity to pick up an acoustic guitar and sing a song he wrote for the occasion, a throwback to his days on Saturday Night Live.

The tune has the childish jokes you expect (and want) from Adam Sandler, but the stripped down performance is more sincere and witty than the big budget schlock he's been dropping onto helpless movie theaters. That's the worst part of a modern Adam Sandler movie: knowing this comedian is capable of something much better.