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A high-definition look at how Disney reused animations in its classic films

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Disney covers Disney

For years, hardcore cartoon fans have been publishing evidence that Disney "reused" animations in its classic films. This video is the first of its kind that I've seen use Disney's new high-definition remasters as its source. Reused or not, the animations look stunning.

Because this is the internet, I imagine there's some community that finds the company plagiarizing itself is a controversy. But when I watch this video I'm reminded of the incredible quality of the work. It's hard to believe Snow White, with its crisp lines and bold color, was released in 1937. And while Walt Disney didn't love the Xerox animation process, which has a more rugged appearance, Robin Hood still looks like it could be released today.

Perhaps everything looks spectacular because hand-drawn animation seems so extravagant now.

As I mentioned, there are plenty more videos like this one. My favorite? This video set to Smash Mouth covering The Jungle Book's "I Wanna Be Like You."