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Watch this insanely trippy 360-degree music video

Watch this insanely trippy 360-degree music video


Scary on YouTube, scariest in VR

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Despite the strong suggestions of friends (and an early obsession with The Doors) I've never actually taken LSD, mescaline, or any other premium hallucinogenic — but thanks to the magic of YouTube I'm pretty sure I'm close to the next best thing. "Stor Eiglass" is a track from recording artist Squarepusher, and a new interactive music video for the song is a 360-degree trip through a landscape of day-glow horizons and a cartoon city. While you're wearing a jetpack. Or something.

Created by animator Blue Zoo, illustrator Rob Pybus, and the studio Marshmallow Laser Feast, the clip is offered in several flavors: a YouTube version that lets you look around the 360-degree cartoon world with your mouse or WASD keys (it even works on the version embedded above), an app designed for use with Google Cardboard on Android devices or iPhones, or a Gear VR version available through the Oculus store. It's an intense clip no matter which version you take, with the sunny glow of the video's first segment eventually giving way to a rainy dystopia. That's when things go really conceptual, as you float in some sort of nothing-space while watching concentric rings of facial parts twisting around each other before you get shot through some transdimensional timehole and end up on an Old West planet with a dancing guy and laser beams.

Just check it out for yourself. I'm going to lay down for a bit.