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Sony Pictures is remaking teen witch-fest The Craft

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Honeymoon director Leigh Janiak will take charge

Sony Pictures is remaking '90s witch-centric cult hit The Craft, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, it's found its director. Leigh Janiak, best known for last year's surreal horror Honeymoon, is set to write and direct the new movie. The original film, which came out in 1996, starred Robin Tunney as the newest member of a group of school outcasts. Together, the four women begin to dabble in the dark arts, using magic to hit back at bullies and bad boys.

It's not clear how faithfully the remake will follow the plot of its predecessor, but as her last movie demonstrated, Janiak is certainly adept at building supernatural tension. It sounds like she'll also be able to handle the kind of snappy dialogue required for a high school-aged coven — according to The Hollywood Reporter, she impressed Sony executives with her take on "a female empowerment tale."

Janiak impressed execs with her take on "a female empowerment tale."

Such a tale, and such an appointment, comes at a good time for Hollywood, which has been accused of "the systemic failure to hire women directors at all levels" by the American Civil Liberties Union. The Union this week demanded an investigation into the "overt sex stereotyping and implicit bias" in the film and TV industries, citing troubling figures that show only 7 percent of movie directors over the last 17 years have been female, and arguing that opportunities for female directors in Hollywood are actually declining.