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GTA V mods for the PC let you flood Los Santos and swim with a whale

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Mods on mods on mods

Being able to jam together different Grand Theft Auto V mods is the only reason we wanted the game on the PC in the first place. Not only can you now destroy the city of Los Santos with disaster flick-sized tsunami, but you can also spawn a bunch of sea creatures afterwards and go for a swim with them — as the video above from YouTuber MkElite shows. Let's quickly run through the crucial steps here.

First, flood your city and take a dip.


Then, grab a speedboat and explore downtown.


Next, you should make friends with your local police officers.


And finally, after all that excitement, go have a calming swim with a whale. Simple.


Now, if this all looks familiar to you then you might be remembering a similar mod made for the console version of GTA V back in 2013. The whale mod, too, has been around for a while, but it seems that people were previously content with just flinging the mammals at the game's cars and pedestrians. Much better to combine the two and let whales swim free in their natural habitat: a flooded metropolis.

The mod itself is the creation of Script Mods, and it actually lets you flood Los Santos a little or a lot, depending on your preference. You can even turn the city into a desert wasteland, where the docks are dried up and the boats are all beached. If you feel like unleashing a little biblical destruction of your own, you can download the mod here.

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