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Apple agrees to settle poaching lawsuit with electric car battery maker

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The final details are being worked out

Apple has agreed to settle a poaching lawsuit brought against it by electric car battery maker A123 Systems.

In February, the Massachusetts-based battery company accused Apple of targeting top engineers for recruitment since June 2014. According to A123, the "high-tech PhD and engineering employees" were working on new battery technology. The company also suggested in court documents that Apple made the hires, who A123 said were under noncompete contracts, to build a battery division of its own.

Apple denied the charges, and made filings to dismiss the case. But in a court filing this week, A123 said the two companies "have reached an agreement" to settle, although the final details are still being decided.

The end of the suit won't do much to quell the rumors that Apple is working on an electric vehicle, reports of which have been swirling since around the time the lawsuit was filed. Electric car tech has been A123's focus, producing battery packs for manufacturers including Chrysler and Chevrolet.