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The 12 most iconic characters Harry Shearer voiced on The Simpsons

Last night, longtime voice actor Harry Shearer took to Twitter to announce he was leaving The Simpsons. Shearer is no small part of the show, making his first appearance in the first full-length episode and providing voices for literally dozens of major and supporting characters since. Ned Flanders. Principal Skinner. Mr. Burns — and his doting assistant Waylon Smithers. Otto Mann. Reverend Lovejoy. It's a very, very long list.

But the show must go on, as showrunner Al Jean put it, and many (if not all) of Shearer's characters will be recast. Until that time, let's enjoy Shearer's legacy in Springfield with just some of his most well-known characters.

But first, a clip from Shearer on Inside the Actors Studio:

Ned Flanders

Mr. Burns — and Waylon Smithers

Seymour Skinner (skip ahead to 0:33)


Kent Brockman


Rainer Wolfcastle / McBain



Dr. Hibbert

Reverend Lovejoy